Architect, Designer & Contractor – Teamwork Makes the Job Perfect!

We’ve had the good fortune to work with some of the region’s top architectural and design firms and have helped produce truly outstanding home renovations.

Combining our years of experience in tile and stone installations, with truly inspired designers, precision architectural planning and detailing and the home-owner ends up the winner every time.

Architects & Designers Team Up

If you’re an architectural firm, or an interior designer looking to team up with a highly regarded tile and stone installation company we want to hear from you.

Problems between architects/designers and contractors can cause delays and they can cost the home owner dearly.  But a contractor-designer-architect team that works well together and communicates from the beginning of a project can keep mistakes to a minimum and costs in check.

When each professional in the team brings his/her skills and experience to the table – combined – this team makes better decisions that result in project timelines being met, and greatly reduced costs.

~ A good alliance between professionals requires constant communication. Arena Tile and Stone thrive on detailed communication. Measure twice, cut once!

~ Hiring the tile and stone contractor early in the design process means he can work with the designer and architect at every turn. When contractors and designers share ideas from the beginning of a project, the end result is always better.

~ Having an ongoing relationship with a favorite contractor usually means great savings for the client, and less headaches for the designer. When a contractor works over and over again with the same designer, he gets to know the designer’s preferences. This can be a significant time saver as opposed to working with a different tile and stone contractor on every job.

If you’re a design or architectural firm looking to team up with a dependable tile and stone contractor, you’ve come to the right place. We are committed to excellence!

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