Cape Cod Custom Floors: Select the Best Material for Entryway

cape-cod-customWhen people pass through your front door, the first thing they will see is the entryway. Professional stone installation through experienced Southeastern Massachusetts tile services can help you get the look and feel you have always wanted for your Cape Cod home. Today’s homeowners have so many choices with regard to the types of tile and stone services that they can select, making it possible to have truly custom results in the color, texture and style that you desire. Cape Cod custom floors and walls from Arena Stone & Tile can help your entryway make a beautiful first impression when family and friends visit your home.

Focus on Function
The first thing you need to consider when selecting the best materials for your entryway is to think about how the space will be used. Will you be coming in the front door with muddy boots from the garden or will your entryway be reserved for guests and visitors? Some homeowners opt to have a separate entry adjacent to a mudroom for everyday use. This opens up the front entry to a whole host of opportunities that can be explored with professional stone installation from experienced, local tile and stone services craftsmen.

While it’s true that you could get new flooring from a local home improvement center, you won’t be able to match the quality or long-lasting durability of natural stone as installed by licensed, experienced and knowledgeable Southeastern Massachusetts tile services. Explore the options with regard to materials for your Cape Cod custom floors and walls. Choose from natural stone that is found right here in the New England area or select other options based on color, texture and function. There is no limit to the options available to you for creating the home of your dreams if you work with professional tile and stone installers.

Consider Accents for Your Entryway
In addition to the tile and stone services that will be installing your choice of beautiful Cape Cod custom floors and walls for your entry area, you should also think about any accents that you want to include. Throw rugs, runners, floral arrangements and furniture should all be coordinated with the stone or tile that you choose. If you are creating a decor theme throughout the entire home, make sure to repeat it in the entryway to set the tone.

Think about hiring a decorator to come out and look at your new space after the Southeastern Massachusetts tile services installer finishes your new entryway. A professional decorator can help you maximize the natural beauty of the stone that you have chosen and can even suggest colors to use in conjunction with the new natural materials that will accent and highlight special areas within the design.

To get that true Cape Cod look and feel, stick with natural tones and hues. Think nautical or natural in your decorating theme. Visit antique shops, flea markets and other stores that sell vintage items to include with your brand new entryway. Use soft fabrics, other items from nature and special focal items to bring it all together. Make sure to express your personal taste and preferences when dealing with the professional stone installation company to ensure that they understand what you are trying to create for your home.

Choose a Durable Product
When it comes time to select the materials for your Cape Cod custom floors and walls in the entryway, make sure to choose a product that is strong enough to stand up to a lot of foot traffic. Even if you use the side door entry for access to the mudroom and keep kids off of the new floors, there will still be a fair share of traffic coming in and out of your brand new tile or stone floor.

Speak with the experts at the Southeastern Massachusetts tile services company to find out which materials they recommend. Some materials are just not suited for flooring, no matter how perfect they seem like they would be. You count on your tile and stone services experts to provide you with top quality, professional stone installation, so it only makes sense to trust them to suggest the best materials for the job based upon the location and use of the space.

To contact Arena Tile & Stone for a free estimate on your next entryway or other type of custom stone installation, give us a call at 508-971-5200. Our team of highly experienced, trained and knowledgeable professional stone installation experts will come to your home and provide you with a complete consultation. We can suggest materials, show you photos of work that we have done for other clients and help you achieve your design goals for your home.