Custom Shower Stalls and Baths in Southeastern Massachusetts

Did you know that there are some home remodeling projects that add more value to your real estate investment than others? As you might guess, bathrooms and kitchens rank pretty high on that list and even more so when the homeowner choose to use quality natural stone products to further enhance the upgrade. There are […] Read more »

What is a Mud Job?


A Mud Job is a labor intense job performed by experienced tile setters-plasterers. Many tile setters at one time were also plasterers because the two processes involve many of the same procedures and skills. A mud job requires troweling a cement mortar onto the walls and ceiling and then beating tiles into this cement base […] Read more »

Installing a Grab Bar


 Whether due to age or injury, it may be required to have something to aid us from getting out of the tub or just to grab onto if we feel ourselves falling in the shower. Grab bars should be fastened to something solid and not just anchored into the tile and partially into the substrate. […] Read more »

Custom Luxury Bath Ideas

Tile Selection

 There are a multitude of choices and ideas when looking to create a luxury bath/spa for your home. A change in the layout, fixtures, and choice of materials will all make a difference in creating a custom luxury design for your bathroom. You can start with changing your bathroom layout by keeping your tub and […] Read more »

Membrane Versus Copper Pan for Your Shower Floor

Shower Stall Copper Pan

Fortunately we are seeing less copper pans being used for the shower pan when installing a new shower floor. Traditionally plumbers have installed the shower pan which most often was preformed from copper and many homeowners were reluctant to move forward to the newer rubberized membrane material being installed by a tile contractor. Many times the […] Read more »