Cape Cod Custom Floors: Select the Best Material for Entryway

When people pass through your front door, the first thing they will see is the entryway. Professional stone installation through experienced Southeastern Massachusetts tile services can help you get the look and feel you have always wanted for your Cape Cod home. Today’s homeowners have so many choices with regard to the types of tile […] Read more »


A major complaint concerning tile or stone floors is that they are cold.  Radiant heat installed in your ceramic tile or marble floor solves this problem by heating the floor surface radiating heat upward into the living area.  This natural heat transfer is both more comfortable and energy efficient. The appeal of radiant floor heat […] Read more »

Anti Fracture Membrane

An Anti Fracture Membrane protects tiles from cracking due to the horizontal movement in the substrate (base floor). The membrane will allow the substrate to move independently from the tiled surface. The membrane bridges any movement in the substrate therefore not allowing that movement to transfer to the tiled surface resulting in a cracked surface. […] Read more »

Custom Luxury Bath Ideas

Tile Selection

 There are a multitude of choices and ideas when looking to create a luxury bath/spa for your home. A change in the layout, fixtures, and choice of materials will all make a difference in creating a custom luxury design for your bathroom. You can start with changing your bathroom layout by keeping your tub and […] Read more »

Go Green

Indoor air quality is a major concern today and serious health problems can stem from VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) in our homes. Zero VOC: Did you know that tile contains no VOC’s? Since tile is fired in a kiln at extremely high temperatures, there are no volatile organics that can be released into the air. […] Read more »