Choose the Best Natural Stone for a Cape Cod Kitchen Design

What is the best type of stone material for your brand new custom kitchen design? It pays to work with a professional company that has many years of experience working with Southeastern Massachusetts stone installation that can help you navigate your options. It is important to understand the difference between natural stone veneer and other […] Read more »

Custom Shower Stalls and Baths in Southeastern Massachusetts

Did you know that there are some home remodeling projects that add more value to your real estate investment than others? As you might guess, bathrooms and kitchens rank pretty high on that list and even more so when the homeowner choose to use quality natural stone products to further enhance the upgrade. There are […] Read more »

Marion Custom Kitchen Design: Tile and Stone Services in MA

When it comes time to begin choosing the natural stone products that you will use for your brand new Marion custom kitchen design, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each material. This is why it is essential to hire a Southeastern Massachusetts stone installation company that has many years of experience […] Read more »

Choose the Best Stone for Fireplace Surrounds in Dartmouth, MA

One of the most beautiful and long-lasting materials that you can choose to use in your home is natural stone. There is nothing quite like the look and feel of natural stone for interior design. This is especially true when choosing materials for fireplace surrounds in Dartmouth and the South Coast region. Using natural stone […] Read more »


A major complaint concerning tile or stone floors is that they are cold.  Radiant heat installed in your ceramic tile or marble floor solves this problem by heating the floor surface radiating heat upward into the living area.  This natural heat transfer is both more comfortable and energy efficient. The appeal of radiant floor heat […] Read more »


When doing a remodeling project involving tile, marble or granite most of the emphasis is placed on the selection of the tile or stone.  The focus is on the color, shape and design of the material to use on the floor, wall and backsplash and the grout becomes an afterthought. Grout has functionality in bonding […] Read more »

Anti Fracture Membrane

An Anti Fracture Membrane protects tiles from cracking due to the horizontal movement in the substrate (base floor). The membrane will allow the substrate to move independently from the tiled surface. The membrane bridges any movement in the substrate therefore not allowing that movement to transfer to the tiled surface resulting in a cracked surface. […] Read more »

What is a Mud Job?


A Mud Job is a labor intense job performed by experienced tile setters-plasterers. Many tile setters at one time were also plasterers because the two processes involve many of the same procedures and skills. A mud job requires troweling a cement mortar onto the walls and ceiling and then beating tiles into this cement base […] Read more »