Choose the Best Colors: Professional Stone Installation in MA

natural-stone-colorsHave you ever wondered how top designers choose the color schemes for custom tile and stone services in residential properties? It can be difficult to choose which colors will work best, whether you are installing fireplace surrounds or creating a Cape Cod custom kitchen design. Stacked stone, natural stone tiles, ceramic tiles and so many other options are available to choose from, which can be quite overwhelming for homeowners. When you work with a professional stone installation company, such as Arena Tile & Stone in Southeastern Massachusetts, you not only get top quality installations, but also years of experience, knowledge and insight that you can use to help you make important decisions about your project.

The type of materials that you choose to have installed will have a lot to do with where they will be installed and who is living in your home. For example, large stacked stone fireplace surrounds may look beautiful, but some materials can be jagged and sharp. If you have small children or pets that could run into the wall, you may want to consider a smoother material that will be less dangerous. When it comes to color, the logic about how and where the materials will be used is less obvious. Colors can be chosen based upon the design and scheme of the home, as well as the statement that you are trying to make with your brand new professional stone installation.

Green, Earthy Tones
One popular color scheme that many homeowners are choosing in the New England area is the warm green-gray earth tones found in some natural or enhanced stones. With undertones of beige and caramel to set off the color, these stones can be a great option for fireplace surrounds or even for trim and accents in a Cape Cod custom kitchen design. It helps to have a home that reflects the colors of this scheme. It would work best in a room that has darker furniture, colored walls and unique features. A very basic designed home might feel overdone by colored tile and stone services, so it pays to consult with an expert for your professional stone installation.

Seaside Blues and Grays
While it might seem a little obvious to do your custom kitchen in Southeastern Massachusetts with a blue, gray or white colored theme, it is actually very popular in other parts of the country as well. Light tones can be used in a minimalist design, while bolder options can also be mixed in with this scheme to create unique fireplace surrounds. Speak with your consultant regarding tile and stone services that will provide you with the colors, designs, textures and projects that you want to showcase in your home.

Neutral Beige and White
The ultimate colors for minimalist design are neutral beiges and whites. You might be surprised at how many tones of beige and white there are until you start looking at your options for a Cape Cod custom kitchen design or for use in fireplace surrounds. Make sure to highlight this color trend with walls that are slightly lighter or darker than the professional stone installation to prevent it from blending into the background. Accent the room with matching tones for furniture for a clean, classic – yet modern – look and feel.

Darker, Masculine Colors
While there are definite feminine color schemes and decorating trends in vogue right now, there are also many options for darker, more masculine tones as well. Heavy looking fireplace surrounds in darker browns and reddish accents can really set off a room and give it the look that you desire. A custom kitchen or bath might be overwhelmed by these colors unless special attention is given to accents and fixtures. Hallways, fireplace surrounds and other neutral areas of your home would benefit most from this type of tile and stone services.

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