Creating a Custom Shower Stall: Glass Tile in Southeastern MA

custom-shower-stallWhen most people think about glass tile, they think about using it as a backsplash in the kitchen. Glass backsplash tile is one of the most popular material choices with DIYers and home improvement stores today. However, did you know that you can use glass tile in Southeastern MA in a lot of different ways? In fact, some of today’s top craftsmen in the industry are using glass tile in new and surprising ways to create some very beautiful results.

Why Glass Tile?
Glass tile adds a touch of elegance and beauty to just about every room in your home. When you hire a Southeastern Massachusetts tile contractor, you gain all of the knowledge and insight of an experienced craftsman, providing you with the ability to break new ground and ask about design ideas that you would never try on your own. Working with a pro means having the confidence that when you are creating a custom shower stall or doing bathroom remodeling with new tile, that the best materials will be used and that they will be installed properly.

If you aren’t familiar with glass tile, speak with your contractor about the different styles, types, sizes and colors that are available. It is important to note that, due to its material design, glass tile is not rated for use in flooring. However, there are some types of glass type that can be used in trim, edging and in other surprising areas. When it comes to using glass tile in Southeastern MA, there’s nothing quite as breath-taking as using it to create a unique and distinctive custom shower stall for your home.

Other Uses for Glass Tile in Your Home
Before you get yourself sold on any specific type of material to be used in your home for a remodeling project, make sure to consult with your Southeastern Massachusetts tile contractor. Leaning on the knowledge and experience of someone who has many years not just working in the business, but in providing quality installations for homeowners and property owners right here in the New England area can be a huge advantage. The types of tile and patterns used here in the South Coast area are quite different from what you would see in the northwestern region of Washington and Oregon, the southwestern areas of California, Nevada and Arizona – or even just outside our area in New York and New Jersey.

Other ways homeowners are using glass tile in Southeastern MA:

  • FIREPLACES – One new trend is to use glass tile around the hearth of the fireplace to add a bit of dazzle and flash. The glass material catches the firelight and magnifies it to create a truly cozy and unique experience. Glass is easier to clean than many natural stone materials and it is very durable. While individual glass tiles are fragile and can be easily broken, glass tiles installed properly by a certified Southeastern Massachusetts tile contractor are quite strong.
  • ACCENT WALLS – Another beautiful use of glass tile in Southeastern MA is to use it as part of an accent wall. While painting walls a strikingly different color was all the rage just a few years ago, many homeowners are now choosing tiled options for accent walls instead. Using beautiful clear or colored glass around a custom shower stall or on a wall that is opposite your bath area can create a beautiful statement. Accent walls can also be used in the kitchen, living area, opposite a fireplace to catch the firelight from across the room and even entryway spaces.
  • RECREATION AREAS – Do you have a fitness room, sauna, spa or other recreation area on your residential property? Consider using glass tile in these areas for a beautiful effect. While many homeowners have used glass tiles around the pool, they are now also using it to enhance outdoor living areas, such as outdoor kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and recreational areas. Be creative and work with your Southeastern Massachusetts tile contractor to create a stunning use of glass tile indoors and out.

Bathroom Remodeling With New Tile
One of the best ways to completely change the look and feel of your bathroom without gutting it out completely is to replace your current fiberglass tub and shower with a beautiful custom shower stall. Arena Tile & Stone has many years of experience working with South Coast homeowners to create beautiful projects in just about every room of the house. Bathroom remodeling with new tile can change the entire color, theme and design of your bathroom, while allowing you to hang onto any of the cupboards, vanities, cabinets and fixtures that you want to keep.

To get a FREE estimate for your next project with glass tile in Southeastern MA, contact Arena Tile & Stone by calling 508-971-5200. Make sure to ask about our options for glass tile, natural stone and other popular materials. Whether you are creating an accent wall, distinctive entryway flooring, a brand new kitchen backsplash or a custom shower stall, Arena Tile & Stone can help you to create the room of your dreams!