Custom Luxury Bath Ideas

 Tile SelectionThere are a multitude of choices and ideas when looking to create a luxury bath/spa for your home. A change in the layout, fixtures, and choice of materials will all make a difference in creating a custom luxury design for your bathroom.

You can start with changing your bathroom layout by keeping your tub and adding a separate shower stall or removing your tub entirely and creating a stand alone shower stall. You can also add a wall or half wall to section off the bath/shower area, using glass blocks , or covering the wall with material you have selected to finish the shower area .

Changing your fixtures can also contribute to creating that luxury bath/spa. Choose a Jacuzzi tub to replace your standard tub . Replace your sink with a pedestal sink or undermount sink set into a natural stone countertop . Also adding an array of shower sprays to your shower stall, can help to create a lavish spa atmosphere. And installing a natural stone seat or a niche for your toiletries can help to contruct a relaxed bathing area.

However the most effective way to change the look and create a lavish design in your bath is by updating the materials with new tile and grout or maybe a natural stone such as marble, granite ,slate or limestone.

There are so many materials to choose from however the most luxurious and durable are the natural stones; marble , granite . limestone and slate. Natural stone installed in your shower, on your floor or on the bathroom walls can be polished for an elegant look or left with a natural finish for a more earthy feel. The edges can be finished with a bull nose to give a smooth surface to your corners or boundaries. Natural stone is easy to maintain and if installed properly can last a lifetime.

Many homeowners opt for tile because of the many colors and designs they offer. When selecting tile there are a multitude of choices: ceramic tile, porcelain tile, mosaic tile and glass tiles.

Glazed ceramic tile is the most commonly used in the bath area as they are water and crack resistant and easy to maintain. They also offer the widest range of colors and design. The tiles can be set straight or arranged vertically or diagonally to create a unique design.

Mosaic tiles are most often used as a border but many times are used on the shower floor. Their advantage to being used on the shower floor is that they can make the pitch to the drain that larger tiles cannot . Mosaic tiles are also available in a variety of materials such as glass, slate, travertine and pebble. The glass tiles are offered in many shades with the most vibrant in shades of water and greenery such as blue, green, lilac and turquoise. This makes them particulary popular in summer cottages because of their cool and fresh appearance.

Whatever material you select, it is the combination and design of components; layout, fixtures, material and other accents that will create the ultimate luxury bath/spa for your home.