Replacing Your Tub

stand alone shower, bathroom remodeling, new ceramic tile, stone floor, flooring material, volatile organic compounds, Arena Tile and Stone, Acushnet, MassachusettsHave you ever thought about removing your present tub and turning it into a stand alone shower? In many homes the bathtub is no longer used.

Children grow older and no longer take baths, preferring the shower. Elderly people may start finding it difficult to get in and out of the tub. There are any number of scenarios where a stand alone shower is a preferable alternative – it’s safer and in some cases a necessity.

As you proceed with your bathroom remodeling project you may want to consider an electric warming floor unit.

Many people have steered away from tile or natural stone as they found the flooring material to be cold. However with the addition of radiant heat in the floor they can now enjoy the elegance and warmth of their new ceramic tile or stone floor without cold feet.

There are many advantages in choosing ceramic tile for your floor.

  1. Unlimited colors, sizes, shapes and textures to create a unique design
  2. Durable when selected and installed properly
  3. Healthy option to other flooring material
  4. Very little maintenance
  5. Fire resistant and color fast
  6. Cost effective when considering longevity of floor
  7. GREEN. No VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)
  8. Adds value to your home.