Repair and Maintainance of Tiled Pools-Residential and Commercial

tile poolTiled Pools should receive yearly inspection and maintenance in order to reduce costly repairs in the future. Even though a tiled pool has a very durable surface there are other factors that may need to be addressed as your pool ages.

Arena Tile has been maintaining tiled pools for several years. The first step in the maintainance process is to drain the pool. Once the pool is drained we can inspect for any loose tiles or grout. We proceed to clean the tile in the pool and remove any bacteria, dirt and grime. The last step includes replacing missing tiles, existing substrate and loose grout if necessary.

Tile is a perfect choice for a homeowner looking for a unique, beautiful and functional pool design. Porcelain Mosaic tiles are the most popular for several reasons. They can be designed in many patterns and colors. For commercial/ public pools, porcelain mosaic tile is used for its durability. Porcelain tiles have low porosity, high wear rating, and an excellent coefficient of friction rating. And due to their small size using a mosaic tile will make transitions easier. There are also a multitude of specialty pieces available that may be necessary to make that smooth transition eliminating sharp edges and corners.

Some tile pools have a monolithic (one piece with no seams) cement formed skeleton with a water proof type of membrane sandwiched between two layers of concrete. Tiles are then installed over the skeleton and most often grouted using a cementitious grout. Other pools may have a sheet membrane applied directly to the cement proof skeleton with tile installed to the waterproof membrane. There are also gunite pools and even fiberglass pools that are tiled but require special products and materials to do the job correctly.

The proper PH of the water in a tiled pool is very important. If not properly PHd the water in the pool will attack the cement products present in your tiled pool causing damages. That means a cementitious grout will lose its integrity over time and eventually wash out between the tiles. With the grout washed away the adhesive and base can start deteriorating leading to loose or missing tiles.

Before replacing tile the substrate needs to be sound. If not it needs to be replaced. When replacing the substrate consider using a latex modified thickened product. This will help the substrate become chemical resistant. Sometimes tiles are replaced without using an adhesive rated for submersion application. This leads to tiles falling out. A latex modified adhesive will improve tile adhesion and aid in the tile when the pool expands and contracts.

When pool repairs are completed , proper care must be followed in the products used to achieve maximum results.