Top Six Home Upgrades You Need to Make in Southeastern Mass

bathroom-tile-upgradesEvery year there are new trends for homeowners to sort through and decide if they are improvements that will add value to a home or just a flash in the pan. Southeastern Massachusetts tile services through a reputable company like Arena Tile & Stone can help you to make smart decisions about upgrades, such as custom shower stalls, custom floors and walls and other types of trendy remodeling projects. While some will increase the value of your home, both monetarily and for personal use, others are just a waste of time and will likely need to be replaced again in the near future.

It always pays to choose upgrades, such as stone and tile custom shower stalls, fireplace surrounds, outdoor living space additions and other popular projects, based upon the value that they can provide your home. A home isn’t just a place where you live, but a real estate investment that you continue investing in while you live there through upgrades and modernizations, so you will be able to get a solid return on your investment one day in the future. Whether you plan to sell your home now or not, the point remains that at some point you will want to sell the house and when that day comes, you’ll want to get top dollar.

Top Six Upgrades for This Year
Some ideas for making home improvements come and go, while others have staying power and just evolve slightly over the years as designers increase knowledge and access to industry technology or innovations. Here is a top six list of the most popular upgrades for this year. While some will seem like obvious choices, there are a few that may surprise you.

#1 – Outdated Materials
It is time to update your bathroom with materials that are popular today. Forget those Formica countertops on your vanity and pull out that bathroom carpet, it’s time to bring your home into the current century with modern designs and custom floors and walls. Do a once over on your bathroom to see what materials could and should be replaced with modern versions. Sometimes just a basic facelift to remove the offending items can make a big difference without having to invest too much into installations. Consider hiring professional Southeastern Massachusetts tile services to help you make decisions that will provide a solid return on your investment.

#2 – Minimalist Design and Colors
One of today’s hottest trends is minimalist design. It has clean lines, cool and simple colors, as well as basic elements that can be easily installed in your home. Custom shower stalls made from white or very light beige colored natural stone and tile will help to create a crisp, neat and very clean feeling in your bathroom Choosing vanities that are also lighter in color, with shades of beige, white or very light gray, help keep everything in the same scheme. These are all very popular with prospective home buyers, designers and decorators.

#3 – Extra Large Custom Shower Stalls
A home designer was quoted as saying this year that there is now no such thing as stone and tile custom shower stalls that are too big. Americans have ditched the whirlpool bath of the 80s and 90, and have turned to mega custom shower stalls instead. If your home was built prior to the turn of the century, you might want to invest in upgrading your bathroom through the use of professional Southeastern Massachusetts tile services. Homeowners are also choosing unique tile for these upgrades. Glass tiles are extremely popular and help give an upgraded bathroom an elegant and modern flair.

#4 – No More Shower Doors
While we’re talking about custom shower stalls, it must also be noted that shower curtains and shower doors are also a thing of the past. The latest trend in stone and tile custom shower stalls in New England and nationwide is open showers that are separated by floor to ceiling glass or that create separation from the rest of the room with extended walk-through walls. This helps the extra large shower stalls to look even bigger because they are no longer separated by curtains or doors.

#5 – Smart Fixtures
If you think your smartphone is “smart,” you haven’t seen anything until you see one of the technologically advanced bathrooms that many homeowners are having installed. Thermostats for water temperature are now touchscreen or adjusted via Android smartphones and iPhones. Shower heads are oversized to match the oversized custom shower stalls and specialty fixtures have been added, such as rain showers, LED lighted showers and pressure controls. You can even program your shower to give you the exact temperature and pressure you want, while allowing another family member to set their own preferences.

#6 – Classic Design
Another hot trend is bathrooms that are designed with a classic look and feel. In addition to installing custom floors and walls, many Southeastern Massachusetts tile services are being asked to install beautiful artisanal and innovative designs throughout the entire room. Designs that reflect a vintage, antique decor that is romantic, feminine and rustic all at the same time are classified as “shabby chic” or “vintage country”, depending on the other elements that are chosen. Ornate selections, such as expensive light fixtures, faucets and hardware with gold, silver or copper accents, and single walls that feature vintage wallpapers, are just some of the options that homeowners are choosing.

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