Treat Yourself to a New Bathroom in Southeastern Massachusetts

new-bathroom-showerThere are two types of home improvements that homeowners desire the most, either a kitchen or a bathroom remodel. It pays to hire professional tile services to come out and walk through your ideas for a dream bathroom. From stone and tile custom shower stalls to the latest in radiant heat technology in Southeastern Massachusetts, you will only be able to get results that will increase the value of your home if you hire an experienced contractor.

While there are lots of unique trends currently making the rounds in the home remodeling industry, there is nothing as popular for bathroom projects as the walk-in shower. Many homeowners are getting rid of the big, oversized whirlpool in their homes and are replacing it with spa experience shower stalls with multiple shower heads, high tech temperature control and even LED light shows. However, studies show that the best improvements are those that will stand the test of time. Light shows and crazy shower heads will come and go, but top quality stone and tile custom shower stalls are here to stay.

Ideas for a Custom Walk-In Shower
If you have never seen a walk-in shower in person, it pays to visit a local showroom or view area homes for sale that have already had one of these installed. Speak with reputable Southeastern Massachusetts tile services, such as Arena Tile & Stone, about getting references for clients who have had similar installations to the ones that you desire. This will really help you to evaluate the work of the professional tile services that you are hiring, plus it will also help you take a look at some of the ideas that other homeowners are using in their remodeling designs.

There are many advantages to choosing a walk-in or “doorless” shower, especially when compared to traditional showers with doors. This type of shower features a threshold that is level to the rest of the stone and tile custom shower stalls. It also typically features multiple shower heads, including mounted and handheld, as well as a shower seat and built-in shelving for shampoos, soaps and other shower supplies. Many also feature a glass partition to keep the water into the shower area. It can be clear or frosted glass, as well as other materials, such as glass blocks and other popular options.

Advantages of Upgrading to a Custom Bathroom
Some of the biggest benefits of the new trends in bathroom design include accessibility and safety for all members of your family, easy maintenance and the ability to create a custom space that will meet your specific needs. Doorless showers are easier to clean than traditional showers with doors on tracks, especially in areas where hard water stains make it next to impossible to keep clear. Shower curtains can make a bathroom look old and dated, while the clean and minimalistic design of doorless stone and tile custom shower stalls can give the entire room a more modern look and feel.

The lack of doors, shower curtain or having to step into a tub and shower combination unit can make the entire bathroom more accessible to a family member that is disabled or that just has a difficult time navigating the shower. Speak with professional tile services contractors about your specific concerns and reasons behind wanting stone and tile custom shower stalls installed in your home for even more accessibility ideas and options.

Another huge advantage to choosing to work with professional Southeastern Massachusetts tile services is the ability to create a fully custom experience. Not only can you overcome accessibility issues, reduce cleaning and maintenance through design, but you can also add some pretty amazing extras. Speak with your professional tile services contractor about getting radiant heat technology installed in your bathroom. There’s nothing quite like walking on ice cold stone and tile first thing in the morning or after a hot shower. Radiant heat technology in Southeastern Massachusetts has grown by leaps and bounds, plus it is also a great selling feature when you put your home on the market in the future.

Call Arena Tile & Stone to Build Your Dream Bathroom
If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, kitchen, entryway or any other part of your New England home, contact Arena Tile & Stone for top quality professional tile services. We can assist you in the design and build of stone and tile custom shower stalls, walls and floors, as well as radiant heat technology in Southeastern Massachusetts. Give us a call today at 508-971-5200 for more information on any of our services, or to get an in-home estimate on your next project.