Upgrading Tile: Radiant Heat Technology in Southeastern Mass

radiant-heatAnyone who has ever spent any time in the northeastern states in the winter months knows that heat in any and all forms is a welcome blessing. Heated floors in the bathrooms and even in other parts of the home were once revolutionary, but are now becoming more common. Did you know that there have been major advances made to radiant heat technology in Southeastern Massachusetts and that the experienced technicians and craftsmen at Arena Tile & Stone can install it for you too?

Tile and stone services in New England typically just deal with flooring, bathroom makeovers which can include tubs, showers and sinks or kitchen remodels, but Arena Tile & Stone also has truly professional Southeastern Massachusetts tile services that can provide you with radiant heat for your Cape Cod custom kitchen design or bathroom makeover to help make your home more comfortable and provide more thermal control year round.

The Benefits of Radiant Heat Technology

While it may seem obvious that HEAT is the primary benefit to installing radiant heat technology in Southeastern Massachusetts through your tile and stone services contractor, there are many other reasons why people choose to add this cool feature. Compared to other popular heat sources, radiant heat can be cleaner and friendlier to people who suffer from allergies, sinus or asthma. In fact, radiant heat flooring helps to reduce dust, pollens and allergens compared to forced air heating systems, which can also dry out the air to cause dry throats and eyes.

Other advantages include:

  • EFFICIENCY – Radiant heat, when added to your Cape Cod custom kitchen design or bathroom remodel is extremely efficient and can be controlled from room to room or through “zones” using a programmable thermostat. That means that the heat is only on when and where you need it with 100 percent of the electricity being delivered to the heating element and no heat being wasted through vents as it moves throughout the home.
  • UNOBTRUSIVE – You will not be disturbed by the sounds of the system switching on and off throughout the night like you would with forced air heat, helping you to sleep more soundly and comfortable. You also won’t see any parts of the system outside of the thermostat controls. That means no air vents, no furnace equipment, no baseboard heaters and no filters to have to clean out.
  • SIMPLE – The installation of radiant heat technology in Southeastern Massachusetts is relatively simple and straight forward. By having your favorite tile and stone services craftsmen install the system when you update your tile flooring or remodel your kitchen and bathroom, it is possible to have it installed with no other alterations required, such as duct work, access to crawl spaces, basements or attics.
  • SELECTIVE – You can install radiant heat wherever you want, meaning if you want to just use it in the bathroom and not anywhere else in the home, you can do that. A complete installation throughout the entire structure is not required. It can be used in addition to existing heating sources or just as a “cool feature” in the bathroom to warm the room for early morning showers.
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE – Unlike forced air systems and radiators that require annual maintenance and frequent repairs, the radiant heat system that is installed by your Southeastern Massachusetts tile services will often have a 25 year or more warranty and because there are no filters or parts that need to be replaced, everything is all encased, protected and shielded from damage by your tile flooring. This saves you money through years of use compared to frequent repairs and maintenance for traditional heating systems.

In addition to these great benefits, homeowners who have had radiant heat technology in Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Rhode Island and the surrounding area have also reported lower energy bills. Because the warmth comes from the floor and moves upward throughout the home, it is easier to keep the temperature more consistent and controlled, allowing the thermostat to be set at a lower temperature compared to forced air. When a person’s feet are warm, they usually feel warm all over. When your tile and stone services contractor installs radiant heat under your feet, it is possible to adjust the temperature to a lower level without the entire room feeling cold.

Call Arena Tile & Stone for Radiant Heat

If you are interested in learning more and radiant heat technology or would like to add it to your Cape Cod custom kitchen design, bathroom remodel or flooring upgrade project, just contact our team by calling 508-971-5200. We can answer any questions that you might have about radiant heat technology in Southeastern Massachusetts and can provide you with a wide variety of custom tile and stone services that will help you achieve your design dreams for your home.